[Book] Review "The Search for Civilization X: Humanity's Deep Space Origins" by Dart LaMorna (In English)

Full of scientific facts, solid references and logical reasoning.

To start with a discussion of the Titius-bode law and a possible missing planet in the giant vacuum between Mars and Jupiter was an eye-opener. In fact, it coincides with the Interstellar Mediator’s mention of Tiamat’s disintegration due to Mars war.

The book also dives deep into the unreliability of radiometric dating, using examples of the eruptions of St. Helens and Mt. Ngauruhoe in New Zealand to demonstrate the incongruence, and the 3 assumptions these datings rely on that would render the results junk (initial daughter isotope content, contamination in the process, and what if the decay rate isn’t constant), therefore, cautioning people against the authenticity of alleged geological or archeological times and chronologies.

The book then went into a good discussion of some evolution biologists’ attempt to fill the gap between chimps and humans to prove that Darwin’s proposed evolution of man is correct, manipulating evidence to fit the theory. These attempts include fabrications of artefacts, skulls and the use of false graphical depictions.

The next irrefutable evidence is fossilized records of dinosaur footprints overlapping human footprints, as well as ancient hieroglyphs demonstration of brontosaurus and T. rex, suggesting human might have cohabitated with dinosaurs 65 million years ago, contrary to what evolutionary biologists suggest.

This book is full of surprises, even though the final conclusion, or in better word, the author’s ending hypothesis, that the missing planet was fired apart to offer an infinite source for mining of elements, or perhaps earth itself was that missing planet, seems a bit precocious, it doesn’t take away the pleasant journey reading through the whole text. Destination does not matter. Simply enjoy the journey.