Cosmic Agency

What are nuclear power plants?
What generates the electricity if not nuclear?
Ark of the Covenant
Be cautious with mass media
Do extraterrestrials want earth resources?
How to be a 5D person?
Spiritual Protection and Negative Entities
Starseeds: what should we do?
Taygetan Ship: why are we here?
Ukrainian Conflict: short commentary by Swaruu
Is Putin fighting deep state in Ukraine?
Flight Report from Ukraine
What are wars? Things humanities should know
Special: What determines our destiny? by Mari Swaruu
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  • Constellations and Stars
  • 天琴座-织女星太阳系 Lyra-Vega solar system
  • 仙女座 Andromeda
  • 天狼星 Sirius
  • 宇莫星 Ummo
  • 參宿四 Betelgeuse
  • 心宿二 Antares
  • 半人马座 Centaurus
  • 鸟神星 Makemake
  • 妊神星 Haumea
  • 妊卫一 Hi’iaka
  • 妊卫二 Namaka
  • 阋神星 Eris
  • 阋卫一:Dysnomia
  • 木星 Jupiter
  • 木卫一 Lo
  • 木卫二 Europa
  • 昴宿星团 Pleiades Star Cluster
  • 昴宿二 Taygeta
  • 昴宿四 Maia
  • 昴宿五 Merope
  • 昴宿六 Alcyone
  • 昴宿七 Atlas
  • 昴宿增九 Celaeno
  • 昴宿增十二 Pleione
  • Species
  • 天琴座-Urmahs
  • 半人马座-Alfratans
  • 大角星-Dieslientiplex (Acturus)
  • Alpha-龙人 Alpha-Draconian
  • 龙人 Draconian
  • 大灰人 猎户座-Etorthans
  • 高灰人 Maitre
  • 小灰人/泽塔星人 Little Grey/Zeta Reticulans
  • 太空骑师/工程师 Engineer/Space Jockeys/Malakaks
  • 仙女座维埃拉旗舰 Viera