Chu Qian, MPH.


2015-2017 Master of Public Health (MPH), Columbia University in the City of New York, NY
2011-2015 Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering (BS), Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA


2016-2017 “Y.F. and L.C.C. Wu Fellowship”, Weatherhead East Asian Institute, Columbia University
2014 “JASSO Scholarship for Young Scientists Exchange Program (YSEP)”, Tokyo Institute of Technology (Japan)
2013 “President’s Undergraduate Research Scholarship (PURA)”, Georgia Institute of Technology

Publications and Conferences

1. Chu Qian (2022) “Chapter 5. Effectiveness of the Healthcare Delivery Systems in Prioritizing COVID-19: Case Studies of Bhutan and Nepal”,Advances in Health and Disease (Volume 57), Nova Science Publishers, ISBN: 979-8-88697-098-2
2. Chu Qian & Parop Sonam (2022) “Chapter 10. COVID-19 Impact on Four Tourism Stakeholders in Bhutan”,Advances in Business and Management (Volume 19), Nova Science Publishers, ISBN: 978-1-68507-834-8
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4. Chu Qian (2018): Characteristics of Healthcare Delivery System in Bhutan, International Journal of Healthcare Management, DOI: 10.1080/20479700.2018.1437330
5. “Avian Reservoirs: Virus Hunters and Birdwatchers in Chinese Sentinel Posts” By Frederic Keck, translated by Chu Qian, East China Normal University Pub, 2020
6. “CDC Ebola Treatment Facility Location Planning”, Finalist at 2015 “INFORMS” Conference, seminar "Do Good with Good OR" , Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Certificates and Training

Certified Clean Needle Technique (CNT) by NCCAOM (National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine), Syosset, New York
Certified Auricular Detox Specialist (ADS) by NADA (National Acupuncture Detoxification Association), Ann Arbor, Michigan
“Acupuncture Without Borders (AWB)” Healing Community Trauma 2018 Training, Honolulu, Hawaii

Patients' Testimonials

Images used with consent.
I have had TMJ for two years that resulted in arthritis in my jaw due to lack of treatment for a condition I did not know I had. I started wearing a mouth guard to prevent further damage to my joint, but the symptoms were still plaguing me. I had the worst headaches, I couldn't eat chewy food, it has kept me up at night, made it so I was unable to turn my head, and left me feeling anxious from the tension in my neck. 
I had two treatments from Chu, the first completely relieved my headache for the entire week. For the second treatment, my symptoms were much worse. I could not turn my head and my muscles were so tense around my jaw and neck that I was going to resort to taking a muscle relaxant for relief. Chu offered acupuncture to treat the tension headaches and pain in my jaw, and her treatment left my neck feeling like new. I had full range of motion, no pain, and no headache. Her work is amazing! I highly recommend getting a treatment.

-Emma K, USA, 11/09/2016

Three weeks ago, I met Chu Qian on a Saturday night at Cape Maclear, Malawi.. She told me she practiced acupressure specialising in addictions; I told her I was desperate to quit smoking. In my room at the backpackers, she stuck needles in my ears, played some soothing music, switched off the light, and disappeared for 30 minutes. I felt a warm sense of wellbeing, but also energy.. The next day I travelled from the lake to the airport and back to South Africa. I did not smoke that day, and have not had the even slightest desire to smoke since. I wanted to post about it on facebook, but waited till after AIDS2016, because normally I would have chain-smoked my way through the conference. But nada. No craving. So thank you thank you thank you Chu Qian!!!! Acupressure really works! And I would say to anyone struggling with an addiction that it is worth a try.

-Maria S., South Africa, 07/22/2016

Ear acupuncture was one of the most relaxing experiences I have had. The first time Chu gave me ear acupuncture, she asked me to think of anything calming, anything that made me happy. I spent the next 30 minutes imagining I was back in the San Diego shore, watching the pacific ocean waves roll in and out, and lulling me into a peaceful dream-state. I'd recommend ear acupuncture to anyone who feels restless, is having trouble sleeping, or simply wants to have a blissful experience. Cheers!

-Julia K., USA 09/01/2016

The acupuncture you performed on me was very effective. I felt relaxed and the headache pain disappeared. Thank you for restoring my sleep pattern and energy.

-Michael J.G., Eritea, 09/12/2016

Although I had heard about acupuncture and knew that it was an effective means of improving emotional well-being and reducing pain, I had never considered it until Chu suggested I try it out. I recently tried ear acupuncture while I was going through a particularly stressful period. I hadn't felt so calm and relaxed as I did during the session in such a long time! And afterward, I felt significantly less tense (physically and emotionally) and calm. I've been wanting to go for another session since and would highly recommend acupuncture to everyone!

-Lauren J. USA, 09/22/2016

At the end of last semester, I stayed up almost every night till 1 or 2 o’clock preparing for exams, so you see me the second day with disturbed complexion, colorless lips and dark circles around my eyes. In addition to this, I have been having chronic difficulty fall asleep since a long time ago. Before, I thought acupuncture is painful but the first time when Chu gave me a session, I felt more relaxation than discomfort. I could even sense the movement of qi. Half way through the session I fell asleep; it was only 10.30pm. The next two days I looked at myself in the mirror and was surprised to see that the dark circles lightened and my lips regained the redness! Unfortunately, the results did not last more than a few days as I resumed my old lifestyle.
The second session I had was during the winter break. This time I was in a sitting position which allowed me to sense a stronger movement of blood and qi through my ears, head and face. I could clearly tell that some channels had been opened. Before when I was massaging myself at home, there were often certain pressure points that gave me a lot of pain, but after the session, there is no more pain when I touch them. Three days later, my period came, which was supposed to have come 2 weeks before. Perhaps the session also helped to align my body with the natural rhythm. Coupling with the coming of the menstruation, my cheeks started to get red tints.
Thank you so much Chu for this amazing experience. Acupuncture is not only healing my body, but also giving me an immense mental wellbeing. I hope to have more sessions in the future, and I wish more people can give it a try. -Kai H. L, China, 01/10/2017